Phone: (916) 834-4883
Fax: (916) 691-1288


1. ___ Signed Consent and Release form (if not previously completed and returned)
2. ___ Signed Production Agreement ( if not previously completed and returned)
3. ___ Access to property ( keys, gate codes). Please make sure lock boxes are set to open BY 7AM.
4. ___ Electricity/Lighting must be turned on at the property.
5. ___ Turn on all lights (interior & exterior) including accent lights, lamps, kitchen hood lights, under cabinet lights. Make sure all light fixtures have working light bulbs. Turn on all ceiling fans to low setting, turn on gas fireplaces (presto logs for woodburning fireplaces), turn on all fountains, waterfalls, spas.
6. ___  Remove all clutter from countertops and living spaces especially on kitchen counters, bathroom vanities and showers. This includes, coffeemakers, phones, knife blocks, tissue boxes, personal photographs, refrigerator magnets, bills & paperwork, shampoo bottles, shower puffs, throw rugs.  
7. ___ Remove all vehicles from driveway/front of property  
8. ___ Agent or property owner must be present during videotaping.